TEACHING THE HARP: Janice Ortega, Harpist & Harp Teacher

"If you need a harp teacher, benefit from my education,

experience, and enthusiasm for teaching harp!" - Janice

Web site: https://www.harpbayarea.com/

Email: janice.ortega@csueastbay.edu

Cell: (415) 378-3413

I was fortunate to have great harp teachers, and I want to continue their legacy with my students.

  • I have 40 years’ experience of harp teaching private students, university and college students, youth orchestras, and schools of the arts high schools.


Master of Music, Indiana University.

Artist Diploma, Royal Conservatory of the Netherlands.

Bachelor of Arts, Music, California State University East Bay.


  • My studios are in San Francisco, on the Peninsula, and in the East Bay.

  • I teach all aspects of harp technique and a general knowledge of music.

  • I teach classical harp repertoire, as well as Celtic, Folk, Jazz, and Pop and orchestral training.

  • I teach music theory, ear training, sight reading, improvisation, and music arranging.

  • Each lesson includes harp solos and technical exercises (etudes)

  • I teach both the Grandjany and Salzedo techniques to accommodate a wide variety of students. Hand position is critical on the harp. “Everyone’s hands are uniquely different – various sizes, various finger lengths, various proportions – and that requires uniquely tailored instruction and technique.” Susanna Campbell, Harpist.

  • My students have options to perform as soloists and in ensembles with other students. Many go on to perform in youth orchestras and in chamber music ensembles.



  • I teach students of all ages and experience in person and remotely on Zoom.

  • Private students range in age from pre-school to seniors.

  • My students range in ability from beginners to professional harpists. 

  • I have different sizes and models of harps for rent, including both pedal and lever harps.

  • I provide small harps that are designed for the small size of pre-school students.​