The Many Types of Harps defines “harp” as a "musical instrument consisting of a triangular frame formed by a sound box, a pillar, and a curved neck, and having strings stretched between the sound box and the neck that are plucked with the fingers."

While that is true, the definition doesn’t do justice to the variety of different types of harps that has evolved over three centuries. In my video, “The Many Types of Harps,” I perform on each type of harp, illustrating the variety of different types of harps that are used by all my students.


I enjoy teaching the harp in my private teaching studios and as a faculty member of colleges, universities, and youth orchestras. My teachers include Nancy Allen, harpist, New York Philharmonic, Phia Berghout, harpist with the Concertgebouw Orchestra, Susann McDonald, Indiana University, and Wenonah Govea, California State University East Bay.


I teach all aspects of harp technique along with a general knowledge of music. I teach both Salzedo and Grandjany methods of playing the harp. My teaching includes music theory, ear training, sight reading, improvisation, and arranging music for the harp. See Teaching the Harp for more information on my teaching method.