Aria in a Classic Style. Marcel Grandjany


Janice Ortega, Harp, accompanied by Music Faculty of California State University East Bay. Allan Gove, cello. Nathan (Nate) Rubin, violin. Eric Hanson, violin. Joffria Whitfield, viola.

About the composer, Marcel Grandjany


Marcel Grandjany (1891 - 1975) was a French-American harpist and composer.

The Children's Hour Suite has six unique parts which describe his children - I. Into Mischief II. Little Angel III. Giddap Pony IV. Playing in the Garden V. Parade VI. The Sandman. The Good Little King of Y'vetot is a very bright and happy melody where the left hand on the harp plays an accompaniment to the right hand which plays the melody. The contributions of Marcel Grandjany and his contemporary, Carlos Salzedo, also a harpist and composer, are discussed in Salzedo & Grandjany followed by a performance of Song in the Night by Carlos Salzedo.

Marcel Grandjany harpist and composer