Taking a Bow: Applause for Janice Ortega

The Performer

"Hi Janice! Reaching out to thank you for making our day so special. Your beautiful music tied everything together so perfectly! Thanks for playing my favorite songs - still tearing up when I see the vows with la vie en rose of the background. We're so happy you were with us and made it a truly magical day.
Warm hugs, Diana & Rodrigo
" - Dec. 12, 2020. Gamble Garden, Palo Alto, CA

"Thank you!! Everyone was raving about the music and thoroughly enjoyed it. It really helped to make our dinner special. - Kathy Finnegan, Quicken Inc." Nov. 12, 2020.

“You were amazing Janice! Your music was even lovelier than we imagined. It added such a special touch. You were great about playing in the cold weather, too!” - Nanette Renzi, Nov 21, 2020, Blackhawk Country Club wedding.

Janice was absolutely wonderful at my wedding! Janice even learned the theme to Star Trek: Deep Space 9 for us, which turned out beautifully on the harp. I highly recommend Janice!" - H. Kovacs

“I wholeheartedly recommend the marvelous Janice Ortega, whose angelic skills with her harp absolutely made the Preview Gala… Her musical repertoire from classical to current was delightful, and her charming presence enhanced her music. The guests at our Gala were warm in their praise…” – Eileen Larsen, Mayor of Foster City

“I never realized the sheer size of sound of which the harp is capable! ...a spectacular piece that gave Ms. Ortega the chance to demonstrate her virtuosity.  She left us in awe of her skills.” David Stafford, KKUP Radio, Cupertino, reviewing the Festival of Harps.

“This was a beautiful presentation, well-played, polished and professional. The Shapiro is a wonderful piece which you played brilliantly, without a hitch.  Your speaking and general rapport with the audience was excellent and I loved the Mozart, as did the entire audience.” – Linda Rollo, Chairman of the Board, American Harp Society.

"Hi, Janice. You recently provided the beautiful harp music for my daughter’s wedding...  …know how much your music added to the beauty and solemnity of the occasion. It is obvious that there have been many years of loving practice involved.  " S. Beresh

“Just want to thank you so very much for playing your beautiful harp at the wedding last week while sick! Even though you were not feeling well, you did your usual beautiful job.” F. Ullrich

“…the wonderful music that we had for the Funeral Mass held at St. Augustine’s… The soothing tones of the harp were so appropriate to the occasion, and your technical expertise was very apparent. We will never forget your contribution to the sad but beautiful service… …thank you for sharing your musical gifts with us.” J. Stauffer

Janice Ortega on stage with a gold concert garnd harp.

The Teacher

“Janice has a special way of presenting criticism that is constructive and informative: and if presented any other way could be devastating.  She provides encouragement that spurs you on to practice and discipline yourself to reach goals that you yourself may not have thought possible.”


“Janice Ortega has been the best thing for my technique in the past ten years.”

“Janice Ortega is the reason I selected CSUEB. Her wealth of knowledge and vast experience as well as a superb analytical mind make her an ideal harp teacher.”

“Janice Ortega is an absolutely superb teacher. She is teaching on a level that I have not experienced before, and it is quite clear that she has a wealth of knowledge gleaned from an impressive musical background.” 

“Janice was the primary reason that I chose CSU East Bay. Ms. Ortega is well known as a superb instructor and is one of the finest I have had.”


“Course: Very valuable! Instructor: Great Teacher! Very enthusiastic! Other: I love Harp Ensemble!”


“I had a lot of fun in harp and I’m learning lots.  Janice is great! Ever in a bad mood? You won’t be after you see Janice.”


“I love how we do harp ensemble concerts! She is very enthusiastic!”


“Course: Learning by leaps and bounds. Instructor: Supportive, encouraging. Other: Excellent teacher!

The Private Tutor

"Shelter in Place meant that I could no longer take my child in for private harp lessons. With well-placed laptops, we were able to continue lessons on Zoom.us. Janice can see my child's fingers as she plays enabling her to offer corrections, encouragement, and advice just as she did when we had in-person sessions. Janice is able to maintain incredible engagement, one of her hallmarks. -Tanya E.

Janice Ortega onstage with a gold concert grand harp.

"Janice teaches with such an unique energy, love of music, and appreciation for children-we always leave her lessons energized!  She has taught my daughter so much already. More recently, we pivoted to doing remote lessons by Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We place my laptop on a table very close to my daughter and the harp, and Janice is able to see all of her fingering and music. We have been "Zoom-harping" every week for almost two months now, and I'm so grateful that Janice…allowed my daughter to continue learning harp, and it has brought music into our family during a difficult time.  We LOVE Janice!!!" -H.H.

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